The U.S. Embassy in Kuwait (search) warned its citizens Monday that an individual or group of people are driving around the small country with the intent of attacking Westerners.

"The Embassy is issuing this urgent message because it has received credible information that an individual or individuals moving about Kuwait in a black-colored small sedan intend to randomly attack Westerners," said the warden message on the embassy's Web site.

It advised Americans who saw suspicious vehicles matching the description to quickly leave the area and contact the police with details.

"The Embassy reminds all U.S. citizens to exercise caution, maintain a low profile, and avoid areas where Westerners are known to congregate," the message said, warning of the continued potential for terrorist acts against Americans.

Late last year the embassy had also warned Americans of possible attacks against them. Around Christmas, the U.S. State Department (search) said it had information that terrorist groups were developing plans for possible attacks in this small Gulf state, which is a major ally of Washington.

Earlier this month, Kuwait stepped up security at road junctions, near hotels, embassies and oil installations following a number of threats.

Since 2002, American troops and U.S. civilians contracted to the military have been targeted by Islamic extremists who oppose their presence in Kuwait. One Marine and one civilian contractor have been killed in the attacks.