U.S. Commander Says Iran Still Supporting Insurgents in Iraq

Iran is still training, funding and providing weapons to insurgents in Iraq, the former No. 2 U.S. military commander in Iraq said Tuesday.

Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno said Iran must be more helpful to its neighbor, and stop supporting surrogate militias that are destabilizing Iraq.

And, he said it's not surprising that there were fewer attacks during Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent two-day visit to Baghdad.

"We have no doubt they are still supporting insurgents," Odierno said. Asked if that was the greatest threat to stability in Iraq, he said, "If you ask me what I worry about most, I do worry about that as a long-term threat. And I think we have to, you know, constantly watch it."

Odierno, who just finished a 15-month tour as day-to-day commander in Iraq, said the U.S. military needs to "keep constant pressure on these surrogate networks" that Iran is backing in Iraq and keep talking about them so that people don't forget what Iran is doing.

He added that he has no hard evidence to back the reports that Iran is funding al-Qaida in Iraq.