The U.S. Military has announced that the Multi-National Corps released almost 900 of the nearly 2,000 detainees held in brigade and division-level internment facilities in Iraq during the month of July.

"The release of detainees is a positive step toward the fundamentals of establishing a democracy," said Col. Arnaldo Claudio, Multi-National Corps (search) and Iraq provost marshal.

"It is also an indication of Iraqi and coalition forces working together towards a common objective — a free and prosperous Iraq.

"Detainees are treated humanely and receive medical and dental care as well as three meals per day as they are processed through the detainee system. In addition to the health screening, detainee spiritual needs are addressed through access to a Quran and prayer rug," Claudio said.

"The release of almost 7,000 Iraqis from division and brigade internment facilities during the first six months of the year demonstrates the case review system set in place works," said Claudio.