Is it me, or are these United Nations (search) guys just asking for it?

I wasn't too far from the U.N. Tuesday night for an event I had to attend. Some of the streets nearby were closed off and one visibly ticked off U.N. delegate proceeded to tell a policeman, "You don't realize who I am. I must get through."

The policeman responded, "I don't care who the hell you are, pal. No vehicles allowed."

The delegate persisted, as a line was developing.

"Get these people out of my way. I'm very late," he bellowed. By now he was creating a scene.

The officer asked for ID if he wanted to be allowed to drive through. Otherwise he'd have to walk like the rest of us mere mortals.

He was insulted and demanded his driver flash his parking pass.

"Not good enough," the officer said.

Apparently security was extra tight. The president was staying at the Waldorf Astoria, again not too far away.

By now, this knucklehead was apoplectic. He stormed out the car and practically barreled into me. Now mind you, he was about my size, so I'm thinking the walk would do us both good. But he was fuming: Shouting at his assistant something about being very late for a dinner and demanding this assistant — I kid you not — "Remove these people from my way."

So the assistant — all of 80 pounds, the approximate size of my arm — gamely tries to clear a path with all the force of Tinkerbell at a World Wrestling event. I didn't know whether to hit the guy or swat him.

No one moved. No one cared. Most laughed and we all continued on our way. But it got me thinking: My tax dollars are supporting this clown?

Never mind these guys don't have to pay parking tickets. They could practically get away with murder and not be penalized. And they have the nerve to complain about the very security meant to protect these boneheads?

Me? Well, I have to admit, I walked extra slow and made it extra hard for this guy to pass.

Yes, I was the ugly American. But Tuesday night, I was enjoying every minute of it.

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