U.K. Man Auctions Dad's Ashes on eBay as Revenge

British man William Ireland is taking revenge on the dad he says abandoned him as a child - by auctioning his ashes on eBay.

Ireland, 50, claims he was six when dad Ken left his mother and broke contact to start a new life. He later tracked him down. "I spent a lot of childhood pining for dad," Ireland told The Sun.

"When I found him we started seeing each other then he died in 2006. I found out his estate was going to the woman he left my mother for and their son."

"I thought he might have made it up to me. Obviously he never cared."

Ireland, of Atherstone, Warks, got the ashes after paying for the funeral.

The wife and family of father Ken Ireland are thought to want his ashes back. The ad suggests turning the carbon in the ashes into a diamond.

"Here are the ashes of my father, Kenneth Ireland, an adulterer who left a wife, two children and just £17 in her pocket. He never paid a penny towards his kids' upbringing."

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