Two Words for Congress

So now Samuel Alito's Supreme Court confirmation hearings can't start until January 9.

January 9! That's two months!

Congress, we're told, is simply too busy.

So much to do.


So this guy has to sit and stew for two months because these knuckleheads can't walk and chew gum at the same time?!


Two words for you guys.

Time. Management.

Try it.

The rest of us do.

You say you can't conduct hearings and conduct your business at the same time? Talk to the soccer mom who conducts a grocery run and rushes her kids to practice on the same day.

You say you don't have time to get into incredibly complex legal issues with all you have to do? Talk to the dad who juggles pretty complex family finances, on top of all the things "he" has to do.

You have trouble thinking tax policy and Supreme Court policy at the same time? Talk to the mom and dad who pay bills and plan for their kids' college tuition "all the time."

For what kind of idiots do you take us?

We somehow juggle our responsibilities in life.

You're well compensated to juggle our interests in Washington.

Act like the leaders we elected you to be.

Not the lazy bureaucrats you apparently prefer to be.

Get off your indifference.

But first, get off your ass!

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