Two Milwaukee Paramedics Spot Woman Being Robbed, Chase Down Armed Suspect

Two Milwaukee paramedics were on a routine assignment to pick up medicine on Monday when they noticed a woman, her face bloodied and fighting with what appeard to be a robber, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Within minutes Milwaukee Fire Lt. William Echevarria and his partner, Jason Oberg, jumped from their truck, stopped the robbery, chased down the armed suspect and rescued the victim.

Oberg told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that as they wrestled, the suspect tried to pull something from his torso.

"I felt something hard, and I found out later it was a gun he was wrestling for," Oberg told the newspaper. "I've never been so scared in my life when I realized what was going on."

Oberg was able to get the gun pointed away from himself while Echevarria hit the suspect on the head with his radio and grabbed the gun away.

The two men held the suspect down until police arrived and took him into custody.

"It was a selfless act," Milwaukee Battalion 1 Fire Chief Steven Gleisner told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "This exemplifies who we are."

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