Two Children of Wounded U.S. Solider Die in Car Crash on Way to Hospital

A U.S. solider hospitalized for life-threatening injuries suffered in Iraq received another devastating blow when he learned that two of his children who were on their way to visit him died in a car crash.

The El Paso Times reported Monday that Army Spc. John Austin Johnson was waiting for his wife and three children at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, when he received the news.

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The mother, Lisa Johnson, was driving an SUV when a strong gust of wind overturned the vehicle, causing it to roll four times, killing Logan, 2, and Ashley, 5. Tyler Johnson, 9, the couple's oldest son, suffered massive head injuries and remains on life support at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, the Times reported.

Johnson, who survived four other near-misses in Iraq, was injured by an explosive device blast that left him with intense brain damage and a severe stutter.

Many have rallied around the Johnson family, providing support and comfort. One person donated five cemetery plots at Pinecrest Memorial Park in Alexander, Ark., while another provided funeral markers for Logan and Ashley. The funeral was set to take place Tuesday.