Trusting in the Greater Good

My friend just became a CEO.

Not a big time CEO at even a big time company.

But still, a CEO.

Apparently he was a dark horse candidate who got the job over a heavily favored rival who did not.

"I guess he's history," I said, referring to the fellow he vanquished.

"No," he explained. "I want him to stay on. I hope the whole team stays on."

When I joked that he needed his own people, he argued that all the people in all those corner and near-corner offices were good people. That he didn't want them to go, even though he knew some weren't great fans of his.

He talked about not holding any grudges or vendettas or anger. He says he met with key players and let them know as much.

"Believe me, Neil," he said. "They were every bit as reassured as I was reassuring."

It's a two-way street, he said, explaining that he was going to do his part, he expected them to do their's.

Frankly I don't know how my buddy will do. He sounds almost too altruistic to be true.

Perhaps more sinister elements will change things or change him. Perhaps his turning the cheek will only end up landing a knife in his back.

But for now, he trusts and hopes in the greater good. Not succumbing to the cold realities we accept as business. But adhering to something higher we admire as decency.

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