You know I've not-so-kiddingly talked about how service stinks in this country. But I want to contrast it with those who serve this country.

So I don't like waiting forever on a phone. I bet more than a few soldiers would die just to get a phone.

I complain about the waitress who takes her sweet time getting my tea. How many soldiers would love just the chance to see a cup of tea?

How many times have I cursed the traffic in this country? Seems a heck of a lot better than cursing grenades getting thrown at you in some other country.

We wait on lines. They man the front lines.

We talk of our gripes in this country. They do all they can to make sure that's the most we have to worry about in this country.

Our mattress is lumpy. Some of them are lucky to have a mattress at all.

The gutters are falling off the house. They'd do anything to be in a house.

We're getting crap at work here. They're dodging bullets over there.

That's why I won't thank the customer service agent who couldn't care less. But I sure as hell will thank the U.S. soldier who couldn't be giving more.

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