True Colors?

This is to those congressmen still freaking out about not getting more advance warning about this errant plane over Washington on Wednesday: Shut up.

While you were bitching, F-16 jets were flying over the Capitol (search) to protect you. Capitol Hill Police — paid a lot less than you — were busy trying to evacuate you. Ditto the White House (search).

You may not like what's going on, but some — and I stress some — of you didn't waste a nanosecond to trash the very folks trying to protect your sorry asses.

One congressman even had the gall to say personnel were rushed out of buildings for nothing. Hindsight's 20-20, Einstein.

But it's a familiar rant: No plan. No procedure. No exit strategy.

Now whose fault is that?

Is there an orderly way to evacuate people when you have only a few moments' notice that those peoples' lives are in danger?

Maybe there is, look into it.

Fortunately your respective leaders, Senators Bill Frist (search) and Harry Reid (search), were kind enough to commend the D.C. police. I wish I could say the same of all of you.

I caught a couple of Democratic senators on our air, including New Jersey's Frank Lautenberg bemoaning no coordinated action. Still another congressman blasted the lack of protocol.

I'm here to blast the lack of something else: class.

Maybe you're right. But you're a senator. You're a congressman. Your body houses a brain — I think. Use it and quit shifting blame. Because the shift has hit the fan and some of you are sounding like whining, self-absorbed losers, who'd sooner blame others for not doing what you should have been doing all along.

To me, you sounded more concerned that you had to exit with the minions, than the fact that you and the minions survived.

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