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Very busy day.  We'll have the latest on a terrible bombing in Israel coming up.  But first, more troubling law enforcement problems throughout the USA.  That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

New accusations are being leveled against Enron.  An article in today's New York Times says that company may have price-fixed energy in California, contributing to the energy debacle there.

The Factor has also learned that congressional investigators believe the sister of Gary Winnick, the CEO of the bankrupt Global Crossing company, may have made a bundle of money by dumping the stock even as she was recommending Global Crossing to her clients as a financial analyst.

But where is the Justice Department's investigation of Enron and Global Crossing?  How are things proceeding?

As usual, we can't tell you, because Attorney General Ashcroft's office won't tell us.  They continue to play the game of no comment on a criminal investigation.

That, of course, is bogus.  The Justice Department can say anything it wants excepting grand jury testimony.  A spokesperson could easily bring all of us up to date on the Enron probe.

But the Justice Department will not, and my question is, are they pursuing the corporate weasels with the same fervor they are investigating the Marc Rich pardon?  Now, there's a classic crime-stopping probe.

To be fair, Justice has set up a large office in Houston, but mum's the word.

Likewise in the state of Florida.  What's the status of the Rilya Wilson investigation?  Are the two fired caseworkers being interviewed by the authorities?  You may remember that 4-year-old Rilya was missing for 16 months, and her caseworker, Deborah Muscelli (ph), apparently lied to a judge about the status of the little girl.

When we called Ed Griffith, the spokesperson for the Florida State Attorney's office and asked about Muscelli and her superior, Willy Harris, here's with Griffith said.  "I am not confirming or denying that we're investigating the caseworker because we don't discuss ongoing investigations in the media."

What that means is, we don't want to tell Americans what the heck we're doing even if you do pay our salaries and have a right to know about important criminal proceedings.

What arrogance.  And Governor Bush totally supports that position.  He himself could easily tell the public what the state of Florida is doing and why.  But like the Justice Department in Washington, he stays mute.  The reason is that most powerful people do not want to be held accountable for what they do or say, so they hide behind the no comment ruse, and they get away with it.  Janet Reno made a career out of not investigating important matters as attorney general.  And now she's running against Jeb Bush for governor.

Once again, "Talking Points" is profoundly disappointed that both Republicans and Democrats refuse to level with the American people when it comes to important criminal investigations.

Outlining any case in general terms is not a violation of anything.  Law enforcement is part of our democracy, not a special entity.

Far too many investigations are not vigorously pursued because of political concerns.  The Rilya Wilson case and Enron and Marc Rich could all fall into that category.

And that's the memo.  We'll have more on this in a few moments.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day" 

I asked you guys to tell me about the Spiderman deal.  I have no idea why the movie is so popular.  Hundreds of you wrote in.  Some were a bit ridiculous.

Lane B., St. Louis.  "O'Reilly, you might not understand Spider-Man because he's a nice guy."

Dave S., Lake Villa, Ill.  "Bill, Spider-Man is about a guy who is somewhat of a nerd by ends up being a super hero.  If anyone should understand that it should be you."

Barbara H., Torrance, Calif.  "Maybe it's the special effects.  Just like you, O'Reilly."  Yes.

And Marie C., Mount Airy, Md.  "Spider-Man is the first fantasy movie hero after 9/11.  Perhaps the good-evil plot like is inspiring to people?"  Well, it makes sense.  Thank you.

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