Trick or Treat?

Halloween and doomsayers seem to go hand in hand. The only difference is that after Halloween, the ghosts and goblins go. On Wall Street, the doomsayers stay.

People wear masks on Halloween. Doomsayers wear frowns every day.

Our kids love to scare us on Halloween. Doomsayers love to scare us every day.

People pretending to be something they aren't is what Halloween is all about. Cynics not pretending to be anything but cynics is what they're all about every day.

People trick you on Halloween. Doomsayers trick you every day.

Witches like to strike fear in you on Halloween. Cynics and pessimists like to strike fear in you every day.

Dark goblins portend wicked omens on Halloween. Jaded Wall Streeters portend wicked omens every day.

Dressed-up creeps rattle us on Halloween. Very real creeps rattle us every day.

We know it's for show on Halloween. We know these knuckleheads are for real every day.

We know there really are good things going on in the economy, but we don't talk about them on Halloween. Even jaded cynics know it too, but refuse to budge an inch long after Halloween.

Those down on the world rule the day this horrid day. Those down on the world try to ruin things for the rest of us all other days.

We know, deep in our souls, that good things happen. Good markets come back and good people triumph. They know, deep in their souls, that they can make us wonder.

Costumes are for kids. Their sick outlook is for real.

We should know enough not to worry this day. We should know more not to listen to them any day.

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