Treasuring a Snapshot in Time

Subjects like abortion are always heated. But two viewers didn't care. In fact, in a week of big news stories, I'd be lucky if they even watched.

Monday comes to mind.

The president had a new Supreme Court (search) pick and they didn't care. Countless newspapers were calling this president a lame duck and they didn't read a one — namely because they can't read.

They are three and four years old and they are my sons. And on this day, what mattered more than any crisis in Washington was candy in a bag.

Halloween (search). The thrill of simply walking up to a door, yelling "trick-or-treat," and seeing someone give you something for nothing. Something good. Something special.

It was a tough day to take off, what with all that was going on in the news.

But looking at their cowboy-hatted heads — yes, theirs fit — somehow this day, it mattered more than any of that news.

Miraculously the news went on. Covered thoroughly, examined even more thoroughly.

But for two little boys this Halloween, what mattered most was not the stuff of headlines, or debates, or fancy analysis.

It was candy. It was us. And for a day, it was magical.

A snapshot in time, likely all too soon, erased by time. But not forgotten.

Not by two little cowboys, who treasured walking a neighborhood. Or a dad, who treasured simply walking with them.

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