Translation of Excerpts of Bin Laden Tape

The following is a translation of the Usama bin Laden videotape that Al-Jazeera broadcasted Wednesday:

After three months passed since the blessed attacks against the global infidelity, against America, the head of infidelity, and after almost two months passed since the beginning of the vicious crusade campaign against Islam, we would like to talk about some of the meanings of these events. These events revealed many issues that are significant to Muslims.

It became very clear that the West in general and America, head of the infidels in particular, bear hate and grudge against Islam and Muslims that cannot be described.

And those who lived during the continuous bombardment of different kinds of bombs by the American planes know that very well how many innocent villages were demolished and how many millions of innocent people were misplaced in this harsh cold weather.

Those weak men, women and children had to live in tents in Pakistan. These are innocent, just for a suspicion and America launched its campaign; those who claim humanity and freedom. We have seen here their true criminal ways.

A human being needs only a fragment of a bomb; a 7-gram fragment is enough to destroy him.

But because of American grudge and hatred that it bears against Taliban and against Islam, America was bombing our brothers at the frontlines, using bombs that that weighed 7 tons.

I call on you mathematicians; it means 7,000 kilos, which means 7 million grams while 7 grams is enough for the destruction of a human being.

And when the youth used explosives — may God accept them as martyrs — in Nairobi they used less than 2 tons and America then said this was terrorism and it was mass destruction.

But for America to use two bombs each weighing 7 tons, that's justified.

The secretary of defense comes out after they destroyed whole villages for no reason other than intimidating people and scaring them so they would never host any more Arabs or come near them. The secretary of defense comes out to say that this was their right, their right to destroy populations as long as they are Muslims and not Americans.

This is a criminal act. It's very clear that it's criminal and whatever you hear that it was, this is clear and absolute lie.

A few days ago they claimed they hit Al Qaeda positions in Khost and they bombed a mosque directly.

They said it was a mistake but after investigation it became clear that the clerics in Khost were praying Salat Altarawih and then they were to meet after Tarawih prayer with the Mujahed hero Sheik Jalal din Haggani, who was a prominent leader against the Soviet Union and who rejected this American occupation of Afghanistan.

They struck the mosque while the Muslims were praying and 150 were killed. Sheik Jalal was not hurt — may God bless him in years to come — this is the crusade hatred so those who are repeating words without paying attention to the meaning should be aware, like saying we condemn terrorism.

Our terrorism is a good accepted terrorism because it's against America, it's for the purpose of defeating oppression so America would stop supporting Israel, who is killing our children.