An aerial tour of New Orleans (search) and the surrounding parishes reveals almost complete devastation by hurricanes Katrina or Rita, with few areas spared the worst of the damage.

Even houses that appear in good shape are totaled on the inside. It is estimated that 125,000 residents will not return.

One FOX News reporter took a ride in a National Guard helicopter and saw views from the sky that show endless disarray of personal property and businesses.

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"Its just almost overwhelming every time I see it and I've been out almost every day for the last 30 days," said West Virginia National Guard (search) Gen. John Barnette.

The damage visible also extends to industry. Fisheries are at a standstill. Refineries have had their equipment spread over huge areas and into neighborhoods. And sugarcane fields will basically have to start up from scratch. Job cuts are under way and more are expected.

There are also renewed concerns of flooding. Two canals are closed off to try to prevent more water from drowning the Crescent City once again. Sandbags are dropped off daily in an attempt to repair broken levees that sent residents fleeing. But several levees remain compromised and the sandbags will never be a permanent solution.

During a ground tour in high-water vehicles, FOX News saw people emerge from homes that looked uninhabitable. In neighborhoods where some homes remain underwater, officials are still trying to convince residents to leave. In many cases, they refuse.

National Guard units from 10 states, including West Virginia, are on the ground in New Orleans now. Troops are doing what they can to help evacuees in shelters who have nothing to return home to.