What should we do to wipe out Islamic terrorism?

We have two controversial guests on "DaySide" this week:

Irshad Manji is a beautiful young Muslim woman who says Islam is a train wreck. She calls for a complete overhaul of her religion, starting with the acceptance of free thought and debate. That’s no big deal to us Americans, we take that for granted. But in Islam, that's not allowed. Unbelievable -- but true. For this, Irshad has been threatened many times with murder.

Richard Perle is a former assistant secretary of Defense. He says that radical Islam has a stranglehold over the mosques in America and that we need to break it. One way is to demand that they throw out their Christian and Jew-hating textbooks (paid for with Saudi money). Another suggestion is to demand that Saudi Arabia stop the flow of money to radical Islamists. Then take it one step further, he advises: If the Saudis refuse, threaten to topple their monarchy by letting the oil-producing part of their country secede.

Tough medicine -- but gutsy.


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