Topics: October 4

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Tuesday, October 4:

In the face of criticism from the left and right, President Bush insisted today that Harriet Miers is the best-qualified candidate for the Supreme Court and assured skeptical conservatives that his lawyer-turned-nominee shares his judicial philosophy and won't stray from a rightward course. Carl Cameron has a report.

Then, Harriet Miers (search) is spending another day meeting with leading Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill where many are sure to try to figure out her philosophy on issues like abortion. Is she a born again Christian? Is she pro-life? Jim Angle takes a look.

And if avian flu (search) or a pandemic hits the United States, would the administration have a plan ready to quarantine the sick, vaccinate the public and, if necessary, bury people quickly? Major Garrett assesses how President Bush would deal with an outbreak.

And while violence continues in Iraq, the Marines have kicked off a large offensive in Haditha called "Operation River Gate." It is a battle to root out insurgents in the Euphrates River Valley. Bret Baier sits down with the commander of the main unit in charge.

Plus, a Texas grand jury on Monday indicted Rep. Tom DeLay (search) on a new charge of money laundering. The embattled Congressman says this new indictment shows that prosecutor Ronnie Earle has stooped to a new low with his brand of prosecutorial abuse. Brian Wilson has more.

Also, Laura Ingle has the latest news from the hard hit region in a live report from New Orleans.

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