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Friday, May 20:

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British and American newspapers published photos Friday showing an imprisoned Saddam Hussein (search) clad only in his underwear and washing his laundry, prompting an angry U.S. military to launch an investigation and the Red Cross (search) to say the pictures may violate the Geneva Conventions. Carl Cameron has the story.

Plus, in Iraq, thousands of Shiites (search), many waving Islam's holy book over their heads, protested the U.S. presence in Iraq today after the detention of several supporters of a radical cleric, while insurgents kept up a campaign of violence. Steve Centanni has the details.

And in what has been called the toughest recruiting climate ever faced by the all-volunteer army with the war raising concern among potential recruits and their families, the U.S. Army (search) has begun offering 15-month active duty tours rather than the usual four-year enlistment as it struggles to halt a growing crisis in recruitment. Mike Emanuel has a report.

Then, it’s day three of the battle over the bench and Republicans moved for a late Tuesday vote to end debate, setting the stage for a possible showdown over ending judicial filibusters. Major Garrett has the latest.

With all of this talk of the Senate’s “nuclear option” on judicial filibusters (search), do you find it hard to follow what’s really going on? Brian Wilson translates the terms associated with the "nuclear option" into plain English.

Plus, for more on judicial filibusters, Brit talks with George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley.

And we'll talk with our all-star panel of FOX News contributors about the day's political headlines:

Fred Barnes, executive editor of The Weekly Standard

Mort Kondracke, executive editor of Roll Call

Jeff Birnbaum, columnist for The Washington Post

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