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Monday, July 25:

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John Roberts (search) was back on Capitol Hill today meeting with Senators from both parties, but Roberts declined to comment on his relationship to the Federalist Society (search). Previously published reports indicated Roberts was a member of the Conservative law society, but Roberts says he doesn't recall ever belonging to the group. Carl Cameron has a report.

Then, Senate Democrats say they will demand access to some of the memos John Roberts wrote as deputy solicitor general under George H. W. Bush. The administration claims the release of such memos would violate attorney-client privilege, and they say they will withhold some documents on that basis. Major Garrett has the details.

And at the AFL-CIO's (search) annual convention in Chicago, President John Sweeney (search) called plans by member groups to withdraw from the labor union a "grievous insult" to working people and their unions. Critics say the AFL-CIO has become increasingly political and has lost sight of what is important for it's members. Jeff Goldblatt reports.

Democratic heavyweights addressed the Democratic Leadership Council (search) today. As the party continues to attempt to unify itself, many Democrats are asking themselves how they can appeal to the middle without losing the base they already have. Steve Brown has the story.

Plus, President Bush visited the Egyptian embassy in Washington today to express condolences to the victims of the attacks in Sharm el-Sheik (search). And on his way to Kyrgyzstan, Secretary Rumsfeld talked about the attacks in London and the global War on Terror. Bret Baier has a wrap of all the day's news.

Also, opposition lawmakers in the Philippines have filed impeachment proceedings against President Gloria Arroyo (search). Arroyo, a U.S. ally in the War on Terror, is accused of rigging last year's election. James Rosen takes a look at the election process there.

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