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Saturday, March 26:

Terri Schiavo's (search) parents are coming to the end of their options for legal appeals, as her father says she is "down to her last hours." We’ll bring you updates on the latest in the Schiavo case and the politics surrounding it.

What charges and punishment will Jeremy Hinzman (search), a 26-year-old U.S. army deserter who fled to Canada to avoid serving in Iraq, face if he returns to the U.S.? Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board (search) denied his refugee status after Hinzman fled there, as a conscientious objector who did not want to be forced to participate in what he believes is a criminal war in Iraq.

Plus, are sex offenders falling through the cracks in the U.S. criminal justice system? We’ll look at recent cases like that of John Evander Couey (search), a repeat sex offender who confessed to killing 9-year-old Jessica Marie Lunsford (search) in Florida and now a similar case in Iowa – why is the system failing to protect children from these predators?

These stories and more on this Saturday's "Heartland."

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