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On tonight's edition of “Special Report”…

• The first live witness against Saddam Hussein testified in an Iraqi court today, after a considerable amount of fireworks in the courtroom. FOX News correspondent Dana Lewis reports the defendant's actions made it clear that he is not enjoying his current predicament.

• And Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld defended the readiness of Iraqi troops to defend their country and criticized in the sharpest terms those who would say otherwise. Bret Baier has the details.

• Plus, Courtney Kealy has a report from Israel, where a homicide bomber blew himself up at an entrance to a shopping mall in Netanya today.

• And, as she left for a trip to Europe, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice defended the United States' use of renditions in order to gain information from terror suspects. Rice's comments came as European leaders continue to speak out about the U.S.'s alleged use of secret CIA prisons. James Rosen has a report.

• Then, a new report by former members of the 9/11 Commission is critical of what they call the administration's "lack of urgency" related to national security issues. The former commissioners said the U.S. is still vulnerable to attacks, saying that while terrorists are learning and adapting, the feds are moving at a crawl. Jim Angle takes a look at the report.

• And President Bush in address today again touted what he called a strong economy, but said the economy's best days are to come. Wendell Goler has the details.

• In recent weeks President Bush has been more and more critical of Democrats' accusations about the run-up to the war in Iraq. Those remarks alone wouldn't be all that concerning, except that the president has been making the comments to military audiences, but should he be making these remarks to men and women in uniform, who are prohibited from attending partisan political events. Greg Kelly has the story.

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