Topics: Dec. 27

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• Early surveys show that retail spending rose this holiday season over last year by as much as 8.7 percent. This is a bit of good news for President Bush at the end of what has been a difficult year for his domestic, as well as his foreign policies. Correspondent Wendell Goler reports.

• Plus, we’ll have analysis of the state of the economy with Heritage Foundation scholar Tim Kane.

• A new Census Bureau report out Tuesday details how the government is spending our money. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are now consuming one trillion of last year's $2.2 trillion budget, and that amount is expected to continue to increase. Major Garrett reports.

Steve Centanni reports from the Pentagon on the latest news out of Iraq, after 10,000 people marched through Baghdad protesting alleged election fraud. The marchers say they are in favor of a government that would give more power to Sunni Arabs than secular Shiites.

• Western observers are distressed at the Mubarak regimes pullback from increased democratic reform as typified by the just handed down sentence of five years in prison leveled against opposition leader Ayman Nour. Jennifer Griffin has the latest.

• In the first part of his five part series on the abandonment of organized Christianity in Europe, correspondent Greg Burke heads to Great Britain where the Church of England is in steep decline and in danger of being overtaken by Islam as the dominant observed religion.

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