Topics: Dec. 12

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President Bush says historians will see the year 2005 as a turning point in the history of Iraq and the Middle East. White House correspondent Carl Cameron reports the president focused on the significant political transformation underway in the third in a series of speeches he is delivering on U.S. policy in Iraq:

• And, in spite of the daily violence in Iraq, there is no shortage of candidates for the new Iraqi parliament, which will be called the "Representative Council." Thousands of candidates are running for fewer than 300 seats. As FOX News Correspondent Dana Lewis reports, campaigning in public in Iraq is a truly risky business.

• California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rejects an appeal for clemency for death-row inmate Tookie Williams. Claudia Cowan has a report.

• And the Supreme Court takes on a case that could change the balance of power in Congress. Brian Wilson reports the heart of the issue is a redistricting plan engineered by Texas Republicans that helped them gain several seats in Congress.

• Then, as the end of the legislative session nears, Congress still has a considerable amount of work left to do-- and the outcome of that unfinished business will determine whether this president has much to show for his efforts this year. Correspondent Major Garrett has the details.

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