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Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (search) says Al Qaeda (search) is determined to strike the U.S. this summer in efforts to disrupt the nation's political process. We'll have a full report.

Catherine Herridge reports: Does the terror network have its own campaign plans for upcoming elections? We'll report.

GUEST PREVIEW: Is the situation in Sudan (search) getting worse? We'll get answers from Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., just back from the area.

Wendell Goler reports: Which presidential candidate stands to get the much-coveted Latino vote come November? We'll have a full report.

Carl Cameron reports: Might some political candidates on the presidential bids find out the hard way that the past can definitely come back to bite you? Find out more.

Steve Centanni reports: A missing U.S. Marine turns up safe, what happened to him? We'll investigate.

Jonathan Hunt reports: The latest from the U.N. Oil for Food (search) probe.

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