Topics and Guests, July 3 and 4

July 3 | July 4

July 3:

The White House says President Bush's decision about whether to send U.S. troops to Liberia (search) is going to take some time. And it will not be rushed because of his trip to Africa. The president is weighing whether to send a full-scale peacekeeping mission or a 75-person "fast team" (search) that could secure the U.S. embassy in the country's capital.

Guest preview: Princeton Lyman, former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria and South Africa, tells us what to expect from President Bush's trip to Africa.


At least nine more Americans are injured in Iraq as coalition forces continue to flatten Iraqi resistance fighters still loyal to Saddam Hussein.

The United States wants Saddam Hussein dead or alive, and on it now offers a $25 million reward for information leading to the ex-Iraqi dictator's capture or proof that he is dead.

Israeli troops kill a militia fighter in the West Bank (search) and close a recently reopened junction in the Gaza Strip, casting a shadow over a handover of territory to Palestinians under a U.S.-backed peace plan.

Howard Dean's (search) presidential campaign has become an Internet cash machine. We take a close look.

The nation's unemployment rate shoots up to 6.4 percent in June, the highest in more than nine years, in an economic slump that has cost nearly a million jobs in the last three months.

The mayor of a town of 52 people in Iowa wants to outlaw lying. Is it possible?

July 4 (independence Day Special):

James Rosen reports: Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (search) shares her views on some important topics of today. And is she ready to retire?

Brit Hume reports: Joe Bonsall, member of one of America's best known country acts and author of G.I. Joe and Lillie, shows us his patriotic colors.

Tony Snow reports: Don Van Natta Jr., author of First Off the Tee, previews his book about U.S. presidents in relation to golf.

Jeff Birnbaum reports: Kenneth Walsh, author of Air Force One, tells us how a plane can be a symbol of American power.

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

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