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Hurricane Ivan (search) is barreling down on the Gulf Coast, packing powerful winds and a deadly storm surge. With billions of dollars already being doled out for relief efforts, who is watching all that cash? How does Washington make sure that money is being spent on the right things? We’ll ask James Lee Witt, former director of FEMA.

She laughed, she cried and soon she'll be off to prison. FOX News’ Dagen McDowell reports that Martha Stewart (search) wants to move on with her life and will soon surrender and begin serving her five-month sentence.

How bad could Hurricane Ivan be for oil markets? We’ll get insight from Bob Millen, co-portfolio manager of the Jensen Portfolio; Mike Norman, publisher of the Economic Contrarian Update, and Scott Bleier, president of Hybrid Investors.

Things might look bad in Iraq right now, but will things be okay in the long run? We’ll ask retired U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Oliver North, host of “War Stories.”

Meet Dr. Peter Rost, a marketing executive at Pfizer, who says cheap drug imports from overseas should be legal.

Dissident Disney board members Roy Disney and Stanley Gold are not satisfied with Michael Eisner's (search) announced 2006 departure. They’ll join us to explain why they want Eisner gone and gone now.

Plus, Taser will make their stun guns available to the general public. Rick Smith, co-founder and CEO of Taser, talks to Neil about this dicey deal.

And, is your retirement money at risk? Corporations are slashing pensions (search) — could yours be next? Get the information you need to know on tonight’s edition of "Your World with Neil Cavuto."

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