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Unless Congress acts, the ban on certain assault weapons (search) will expire. But will big stores such as Wal-Mart and The Sports Authority sell the products? We'll ask Mark Westrom, owner of Illinois company ArmaLite Inc, if the market wants more powerful weapons.

As U.S. Airways (search), the nation's seventh-largest airline, files for bankruptcy for the second time in two years, we’ll investigate what air travel in the United States will look like in the near future.

Does a busy hurricane season have Wall Street hunkering down? We’ll take the market’s temperature with Wayne Rogers, founder of Wayne Rogers and Company, and Gregg Hymowitz of Entrust Capital.

How has the Sunshine State’s tourism industry weathered a busy hurricane season? We’ll ask Tom Flanigan, spokesman for Visit Florida.

Plus, as Ivan heads for the gulf, are you headed for more pain at the pump? We’ll get a read from John Kilduff, senior vice president of energy risk management at Fimat USA.

And, when it comes to the axis of evil, did the Bush administration drop the ball? Did our focus on Iraq and Afghanistan allow Iran and North Korea to build up their defenses and military might? We’ll ask John Loftus, intelligence agent and former prosecutor for the Justice Department.

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