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Vice President Dick Cheney (search) and North Carolina Sen. John Edwards (search) are expected to have a no-holds barred showdown Tuesday, when the two men will square off for the first and only vice presidential debate in the 2004 race for the White House.

Will the debate boil down to a contrast of experience and styles? We'll ask Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric.

Which candidate does Wall Street hope win the debate? We'll take the market's temperature with Jon Elsen, business editor for The New York Post, and Jonathan Hoenig, portfolio manager at Capitalist Pig Asset Management.

According to the French newspaper La Croix, 87-percent of French voters favored John Kerry after Thursday's presidential debates. Is this just France's opinion, or the opinion of the majority abroad? We'll ask Ian Williams, columnist for Britain's Tribune and author of "Deserter."

With Dick Cheney's Halliburton experience, everyone thought that big oil would get preferential treatment. But if a Kerry-Edwards administration came to pass, would trial lawyers be the next teacher's pet? We'll ask FOX News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Last week Merck pulled the drug, but that hasn't stopped lawyers from pulling any punches. Maybe in a sign of things to come, Vioxx (search) lawsuits have been piling up. We'll talk to a woman who claims her daughter died as a result of taking Merck's arthritis drug.

If you're thinking about getting a flu shot (search) this season, Dr. Stephen Baum, chairman of the Department of Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center, explains why your plans my be altered.

Plus, any day now, Martha Stewart will be surrendering to authorities in West Virginia and starting her prison sentence. What can she expect? We'll ask Karen Bond, former federal prisoner who spent 38 months in the slammer.

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