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Are your finances really ready for retirement? (search) Author, actor and economist Ben Stein joins us to explain why you probably aren't as ready as you think.

The bulls have ruled Wall Street for the last three weeks. But does the tumbling dollar (search) pose a problem and should you be worried? We'll take the market's temperature with Gary B. Smith, columnist for RealMoney.com, and Dan Genter, president of RNC Genter Capital.

Ah, the holidays: The season of giving and… air travel? What's the best way to beat the holiday season crush? We'll ask Tom Parsons, CEO of BestFares.com.

Plus, we'll be joined by Neil's special guest Rick Warren, author of the bestseller "The Purpose Driven Life."

And, how is Merck weathering a storm of lawsuits and negative press over Vioxx? We'll get insight from Merck CEO Roy Gilmartin.

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