Five months before the election and just five weeks before the June 30 hand-off of political power in Iraq, President Bush prepares to give the first in a series of speeches about the future of Iraq (search).

What does Wall Street want to hear from the commander-in-chief? We'll get a read from David Nelson, president of D.C. Nelson Asset Management, and Mike Norman, founder of the Economic Contrarian Update.

Plus, as Wall Street watches the president, so too will one John Kerry. Can the senator capitalize on President Bush's speech leading up to the June 30 deadline?  Former Sen. Gary Hart weighs in.

Could a four-day strike by the union representing 100,000 SBC Communications Inc. workers, cripple your local phone service? SBC spokesman Larry Solomon joins the debate.

Saudi Arabia pledges to increase oil production, but did investors get too excited too quickly? We’ll get a read from Knight Kiplinger, editor of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

Going after Grasso (search): Should the embattled former head of the NYSE be forced to return some of his pay package? We’ll ask Jerry Bowyer, radio talk show host with WPTT in Pittsburgh.

Marijuana is said to ease the pain for thousands of people who suffer from everything from cancer to glaucoma, but wait until you hear what talk show host Montel Williams has to say about the issue.

Plus, America is wild about the green ogre, but did "Shrek 2" reinvent the rules of animation? We’ll ask Neil Rosen, entertainment and film critic at New York 1.

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