We're live from the White House.

And President Bush has something to say about it. Join us to find out his latest take on the economy. And what does he think of John Kerry (search)? You won't want to miss what Doctor Gregory Mankiw, chairman of the Council  of Economic Advisers, and Steve Friedman, director of the National Economic Council, have to say.

Fed up with sky-high prices at the pump, seven states are now asking President Bush to launch an investigation into the matter. And two of the state attorney generals tell us about their mission: California Attorney General Bill Lockyer and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. But what does Tom Petrie, chairman and chief executive officer of Petrie Parkman & Co., have to say about it?

Crunch time for Catholics. Or at least Catholic churches. They're shutting down, as financial headaches pile up. What's happening? Thomas Reese, editor in chief of America, The National Catholic Weekly Magazine, gives us his take.

Billionaire Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways, flies in with a new reality show, "The Billionaire: Branson's Quest for the Best." Get a sneak peek.

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