Stocks get hit hard because the economy's coming back hard? Could good news on Main Street spell bad news on Wall Street?

We’ll take the market’s temperature Maria Fiorini Ramirez, president and CEO of Maria Fiorini Ramizrez Incorporated; Jonathan Murray, senior vice president at Legg Mason Wood Walker; David Murray, financial adviser with Legg Mason, and Gary B. Smith, columnist for RealMoney.com.

As the Iraqi prison abuse scandal deepens, how will the blow against our military be felt on Wall Street? And could we have avoided this whole prison mess, if we assigned a private company to handle this prison mess? We’ll ask John Ferguson, president and CEO of Corrections Corporation of America.

As the president reminds the nation not to let the bad deeds of a few ruin the good that's being done in Iraq by so many in the U.S. military, we’ll be joined by U.S. Army Specialist William Webb and his parents Donna and Bill.

Citigroup (search) shocks Wall Street with a multi-billion dollar settlement in connection to lawsuits related to WorldCom. Will this do the job for Citigroup, or is this a sign of other eye-popping settlements to come? We’ll ask Forbes national editor, Bob Lenzner, and, the man who pushed Citi to the brink, New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi.

Plus, rude drivers beware. Should you get a ticket for cutting someone off? We’ll ask Florida Democratic State Senator Steve Geller.

And -- fair and balanced – we’ll be joined by Kelly Holland, driving force behind Playgirl TV.

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