Pakistani officials are quoted as saying that they believe Al Qaeda's No. 2 man Ayman al-Zawahri may be surrounded.

What would his capture mean for the war on terror? We’ll ask White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett.

One year after it started, will the war in Iraq ever end? Harlan Ullman, national security expert and Fox News contributor, and retired U.S. Marine Corps Col. Gary Anderson join the debate.

Martha Stewart wants her supporters to write letters to the judge asking for clemency for the domestic diva. Could it sway the judge to offer a lesser sentence? We’ll ask Lis Wiehl, former federal prosecutor, and Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Plus, from Madrid to Baghdad, deadly attacks rock the world and send shivers through the stock market. But what stocks are really terror-proof? We'll ask David Nelson, president of D.C. Nelson Asset Management; Mike Norman, founder of the Economic Contrarian Update, and Jay Garcia, managing director at Samuel A. Ramirez and Company.

Get the investment insight you need to know on tonight’s edition of "Your World with Cavuto."

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