A huge blast ripped through a portion of central Baghdad Wednesday, destroying a downtown hotel and killing at least 27 people. Forty-one people were reported injured in the explosion.

We’ll get live reaction to the bombing from Fred Barnes, co-host of “The Beltway Boys,” and Fox News correspondents Steve Harrigan, Steve Centanni and Mike Emanuel.

We’ll look at how security for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations is being handled with New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Plus, we’ll get reaction to those security arrangements from Dez O’Brien, owner of Langan’s Bar and Restaurant, and Steve Dunleavy, columnist for the New York Post.

Should you be naughty, or nice with your investments? We’ll debate sinner vs. saint stocks with Caroline Waxler, financial journalist and author of "Stocking Up on Sin," and George Schwartz, president of Schwartz Investment Counsel Inc. and the Ave Maria Catholic Values Fund.

Plus, we’ll find out how Carl Camden, president and COO of Kelly Services, is doing what he can to keep unemployment lines shorter both at home and abroad.

And, Malachy McCourt, author, actor and outspoken Irishman, shares his opinions about terrorism, the Catholic Church and President Bush.

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