Having made his way through a mob of media and fans, Michael Jackson pleaded not guilty to child molestation charges on Friday.

How is Jackson orchestrating his own public relations campaign? We’ll ask Jerry Della Femina, chairman and CEO of Della Femina Jeary and Partners, and Reverend Charles Harper.

Earnings look strong and the economy is recovering. But is this the bull market calm before the storm? We’ll get market insight from Gary B. Smith, columnist for RealMoney.com; Gary Kaltbaum, president of Kaltbaum and Associates, and Stuart Varney, Fox News business contributor.

The Northeast shivers under an arctic blast and U.S. crude inventories are at their lowest levels in 29 years. Is this a problem? We’ll get insight from Peter Van Doren, editor of Regulation magazine.

Plus, Starbucks (search) opens its first location in Paris. Will it be the toast of the town, or will it receive a French roast? Kyle Weinandy, American citizen and Parisian resident, and Frank Joucla, director of marketing for the French network TV5, join the debate.

And, are you at risk from a hazardous new Ponzi scheme? Barry Minkow, head of the Fraud Discovery Institute, explains the dangers.

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