President Bush heads south to mend some fences at the Summit of the Americas (search) in Monterrey, Mexico.

But are our friends south of the border anything but? And could U.S. concessions kill our economy? Mike Gallagher, syndicated radio talk show host, joins the debate.

Whether you're coming from Tokyo, or Topeka, published reports say Uncle Sam wants to know all about you. Are the friendly skies getting a bit too intrusive? We’ll ask David Stempler, president of the Air Travelers Association.

As January goes, so go the markets? We’ll ask Muriel Siebert, president and chairwoman of Siebert and Company, and Meredith Whitney, Fox Business News contributor.

Is the capture of Saddam Hussein directly linked to fewer attacks on coalition soldiers? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from FNC military analyst retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely and retired U.S. Army Maj. Bob Bevelacqua.

And, are you a wimp when it comes to negotiating? Do you take what the boss tells you and accept what they offer you? We’ll take an inside look at the art of making a deal with celebrity attorney Raoul Felder, author of "Bare Knuckle Negotiation."

Plus, a U.S. District judge orders the trial for former Enron assistant treasurer Lea Fastow (search) to proceed after she failed to agree to a plea bargain. But are negotiations continuing behind the scenes? We’ll ask Enron whistleblower Sherron Watkins.

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