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He was named one of Time magazine’s Persons of the Year and it’s a title well deserved because U2’s front man Bono is a tireless humanitarian with a huge heart! After all that he’s accomplished this past year it’s hard to imagine topping 2005. Hear what he’s got planned for 2006!

And, 2005 was the year of the hurricane. So what does Mother Nature have in store for 2006? We’ve got the prediction you cannot afford to miss!

Also, what were the biggest stories of the year? We’ll take a look back so we can jump forward into 2006!

Then, meet a true American hero! We’ll introduce you to a woman who rebuilt an entire village destroyed by the tsunami – using her own money! Sara Henderson, founder of Building Bridges to the Future Foundation, will be here.

Plus, author Anne Rice tells why she’s turned from writing about vampires to writing about Jesus.

And, the Amazing Kreskin says he knows what’s in store for 2006. He’ll be here live!

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