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How will the Fed’s decision on interest rates (search) impact the housing market, the race for the White House and your portfolio?

We’ll ask Michelle Girard, senior economist at Greenwich Capital Markets; Bernard Beal, founder and CEO of M.R. Beal; Gary B. Smith, columnist for RealMoney.com, and Scott Durkin chief operating officer of the Corcoran Group.

To hear the Democrats tell it, you'd think the economy was heading to hell in a hand basket. Are Democrats are pushing pessimism to win the November election? We’ll ask Jim Glassman, fellow resident at the American Enterprise Institute.

Pat Boone is known as an actor, writer, producer and singer. Now he's hitting the road on his 50th anniversary tour to celebrate his successful career.

Enron's former Chairman Kenneth Lay (search) asks the court for an earlier trial. Should the court give him special treatment? We’ll ask Mike Ramsey, Ken Lay's attorney.

Plus, we’ll take the market’s temperature with Barry Ritholtz, market strategist at the Maxim Group, and Tobin Smith, chairman of ChangeWave Research.

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