Top Intel Official Botches Terror Memo

The news that is not White House approved...

Terror Typo

You may be surprised to learn that one of the nation's top intelligence officials doesn't even know the flight number of the plane that was targeted on Christmas Day.

In a memo released Thursday, the director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair wrote that the terrorist "boarded Northwest Airlines Flight 153 for Detroit," but the flight number was 253.

Politico's Josh Gerstein reports that Blair later corrected the memo, but not before it was sent to reporters.

Don't you feel safe with this guy and Leon Panetta in charge of the intelligence community?

Happy Anniversary

Saturday marked a not-so happy anniversary for the president's top economist Christina Romer. It was one year ago when Romer issued the now infamous Romer Report that claimed that if the Obama stimulus plan was implemented, unemployment would remain below eight percent. But as Americans know all too well, that's not exactly how things turned out.

Friday the Department of Labor delivered more bad news on the job front: In December alone, 85,000 more Americans lost their jobs -- far more than economists had expected. The unemployment rate remains in double digits.

So what exactly did the $787 billion spending spree with your tax money actually accomplish besides bankrupting your kids?

We're waiting for an answer, Mr. President.

Tim in Trouble

Calls for TurboTax cheat Tim Geithner's resignation are heating up thanks to newly uncovered e-mails regarding his role in the bailout of insurance giant AIG. The e-mails were written by lawyers from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York while Geithner was president there.

Two AIG executives and lawmakers including Darrell Issa believe that the e-mails could prove that during the bailout government officials encouraged AIG to withhold vital information from you, the American people. Now both Issa and the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee Chuck Grassley are preparing to investigate these very serious allegations.

But a Treasury spokesman claims that Geithner played no role in the e-mails because he already recused himself after being nominated to serve in the administration.

Well, I think I'd like to hear that directly from the tax cheat himself while he's under oath.

R-Rated Resolution

This next story is one that could only happen in the city of San Francisco.

City Supervisor Chris Daly is known for frequently using inappropriate language at public meetings. A Bay Area newspaper recently called him out on his vile vocabulary, but instead of cleaning up his act, Daly announced this resolution for the new year:


CHRIS DALY, SAN FRANCISCO SUPERVISOR: I'm vowing that in 2009 [sic] I'll use the word (EXPLETIVE DELETED) in every Board of Supervisor's meeting, so my apologies to those who take umbrage.


There's a great role model for all the young people of San Francisco to look up to.

Mr. Daly, maybe it's time for you to grow up.

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