Minivans may not be as cool as they once were — OK, maybe cool is the wrong word — but for many American families they are still the only vehicle that will do.

Sales are down from a high of 1.3 million in 2000 and are projected to be less than 700,000 in 2008, but a lot of models are still available offering the same combination of space and features that made them so popular before SUVs and crossovers started winning over buyers with their un-soccer mom image.

Better yet, minivans generally get much better gas mileage than similarly sized vehicles from other classes without giving up much utility, as long as you don’t plan on spending a lot of time off-road.

With today’s high gas prices, if you need to save a few bucks, but still have a lot of people and stuff to lug around, a minivan may be the way to go. FOX Car Report looks at the Top 3 Most Fuel Efficient Minivans currently on the market, and takes No. 1 out for a full test drive.