Toot Your Horn, Just Don't Blow Your Stack

What would happen if cars didn't have horns?

I ask, because today I witnessed something that was beyond crazy. Even by New York City standards.

A guy sitting in a long line of traffic, not going anywhere. Honking and honking.

This dude never let his hand off the horn. Not once. Just kept honking, uninterrupted for at least five minutes straight, not even pausing for the minute or two he stuck his finger out the window.

For all I know, he's still out there. I had to get back to work!

Now I don't know what got this guy going. Maybe the fact he wasn't going. But man, he just wouldn't let up.

Pretty soon, others were honking to protest his honking. So now there's a honking chorus.

Which got a lot of pedestrians peeved. So "they" start shouting at all this honking.

So now you have a lot of honking and a lot of shouting. But the cars aren't moving.

And I'm thinking, please tell me what functions horns serve. Warning another guy he might bump into you is one thing. Blasting another guy for cutting you off is another thing.

But this just endlessly honking and honking, that's a weird thing. It tells me, you've got issues, and they go way beyond the traffic.

So toot your horn, if you must. Just avoid blowing your stack, especially during the holidays, if you can.

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