TomKat Overload

OK — a quick word from the Friends Insider. We — and I — hope you have really enjoyed the relative calm and comedy over the last few days within the three-hour show. No, we do no think Iraqi casualties are funny, but talking about retail horror stories and most unique sick day excuses is good for the overall emotional health.

We loved talking to Clint Black (search) on Thursday even though I had to wake him (kinda) in the Green Room. Hey, he saw Sir Paul at the Garden on Wednesday night and he was tired! We were thrilled to welcome the general in charge of training troops in Iraq in the 6 a.m. hour and I was heartened to hear that he gets lots of thank yous daily from the Iraqi people for the sacrifice he and his troops have made for their freedom.

Personally, I could go the rest of my life without hearing about Tom Cruise (search) and Katie Holmes. It's true they are having a baby. Who cares? Well, I guess you do because the shows that carry it and run their interviews are the most popular in the nation.

So, that's your quick update. I'll have more on Friday — I promise!

Thanks so much for getting my paperback of "The Games Do Count" this week and hope you like the new content. If you would like it personalized, please go to and I'll make it happen.


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