Today's Celebrity Buzz

A.I., The Last Castle and Say Anything in the DVD glow of the Foxlight.

How A.I. got onto some critic's "10 Best" lists baffles me. But here it is on DVD Tuesday and now you can decide if this posthumous collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick has Stanley spinning six feet under. Jude Law is amazing. Haley Joel Osment is just creepy. Maybe the deleted scenes explain some of it. Wait deleted scenes? Does that mean there are even more endings?

Next, Robert Redford sort of made up for The Last Castle with Spy Game but what's James Gandolfini's excuse? Tony would have whacked this guy five minutes into a Sopranos episode. And the story itself? Basically Brubaker from the prisoner's point of view.

Finally, one of the best Cameron Crowe movies ever gets a long-overdue DVD release. It's the kick boxing John Cusack falling for the smart girl no one thinks he can get in Say Anything. Ione Skye is the girl. Frasier's John Mahoney her dad. Several classic moments besides the boombox over the head include Lili Taylor's 50 songs about Joe and a great end moment on an airplane.