Times Are Tough?

When I was a kid my father was forever reminding me how tough he had it when "he" was a kid.

He'd talk about the Depression, barely having enough food and walking uphill to school -- both ways. That kind of stuff. And every time I complained about anything, he would do it all over again.

"You kids have it easy," he would say.

Boy, if he were alive to hear the bellyaching going on today!

Take mortgage interest rates (search). Everyone's complaining they're starting to inch up. Now my father's not here, but allow me to talk through him: Quit your whining.

So we're no longer at 40-year lows? Well, we're at 35-year lows! Six-something 30-year mortgages? How awful.

You want to know awful? Try 13, 14, 15 percent mortgages a couple of decades ago. Try a prime rate at 21 percent. Try "adjustable" rates starting at 10 percent.

I know. That was then, this is now. But right about now, I'm getting a little ticked off with teed off Americans saying they don't think they can hack these higher rates.

Hack this: They "were" higher --a lot higher -- and times "were" tougher -- a lot tougher -- believe me.

Now again, this is my dad speaking here, not me. So let him – umm, me -- be blunt: Suck it up and please, shut up, you gavones! You're giving me an upset stomach!

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