Timely Reminder From Mother Nature

Stepping back from Hurricane Rita (search) for a second, it is wise we consider something for more than a second: Mother Nature is much more powerful than mere man.

Man relishes his toys and gadgets.

He boasts of his sophistication and education, his high tech skills and buildings, his bridges, highways and stadiums.

No doubt, they are great works. But for Mother Nature, they are merely sitting ducks.

Reminders — as if we needed them — that we make much of what we do in this world. But we do not control this world.

Quite rightly, greater forces do. Forces that make our own efforts seem small.

I think it's good for us to realize that, to see that and yes, to fear that.

It’s good for us to know that there is much we can do, but much more we cannot.

There is nothing wrong with being humbled. There is everything wrong with being arrogant.

Hurricanes and natural disasters can knock the arrogance out of you and make you think maybe less of you.

Their wrath is never welcome. But maybe, just maybe, for the rest of us — far beyond their affected areas — their message is.

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