Time to Give Thanks

This being Thanksgiving week, I'd like you all to try something. Here's my assignment for you: I want you to thank someone this week.

It doesn't matter who -- just somebody. You can make it a lot of somebodies, if you wish. You can keep it random, but keep it real.

Just say thanks. If you're a boss, to the people who work for you. If you're an employee, to your boss.

If you're a husband, to your wife. A wife, to your husband.

A parent, to your kid. You get the idea.

The reason why I'm waxing poetic this day is because of some study I heard about -- I'm ashamed that I can't remember the outfit that put it out -- that says most of us crave a kind word.

Money and power and sex and fame are all nice. But apparently not as nice as being nice and being treated nicely.

One common employee lament, "I worked my butt off, and not a word from my boss."

A boss complains, "I try to be decent, but my staff still hates me."

Lesson learned. Some of us are so focused on us that we forget to think there's a world beyond us. So, here's my plan to save us: Start acknowledging someone in your life who you take for granted.

The spouse who looks out for you.

The boss who's trying to do right by you.

The co-worker who's always sticking up for you.

There has to be something to it. Anyone who says a thank you beats money and world domination deserves at the very least a pat on the back. The guy who says it beats sex, deserves a thank you and a hug.

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