Tuesday's show was all about shadow players.

President Obama talks of transparency, yet appoints 16 czars who answer only to him. And far from holding jobs that no one else would do, they just enhance executive power at the expense of departments and agencies that the Constitution says Congress should oversee.

Then, progressive lawmakers work on a giant health care plan, while keeping Americans in the dark with so few specific details.

And finally, the first Gitmo detainee comes to the U.S. in the cover of darkness, with no warning. Oh, you didn't hear that? Congratulations, America! He's coming to your town soon!

We need to shine light on all these stories and expose those hidden in the shadows, because we don't have a king and no one should be above the law.

John Adams once said that America is "a government of laws and not of men." And the Constitution has a built in set of checks and balances.

Let's get back to the principles and values that have ensured greatness since our founding.

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