Tila Tequila Meets Twin in Sin City | Britney On The Big Screen: Lynne Spears Shopping Around Spears Family Movie Deal? | Paris Hilton Finds A New Reality Toyboy? Kevin Costner Can Sing? | Brooke Shields Eats The Bryant Park Hotel, Annalynne Mcchord to Launch Kissing Booth

Tila Tequila Meets Twin in Sin City?

Tila Tequila was on her best behavior while hosting a bash at JET nightclub in Las Vegas on Saturday night, but apparently one of the club's sexy servers almost stole her thunder.

According to an insider, there were alot of double takes happening as cocktail waitress Sherren Lawrence shared a striking resemblance to the Shot At Love starlet. The two were even dressed in the same form-fitting and bra-baring little outfits and posed for photos together which amused club guests.

Hmmm ... separated at birth?

Britney On The Big Screen: Lynne Spears Shopping Around Spears Family Movie Deal?

Lynne Spears' highly-anticipated book "Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World" may not have been the huge hit she was hoping for, however that apparently hasn't stopped the high-profile mama from shopping it around for a film deal.

According to an inside source, Lynne has busily been exploring options to have the personal recount of her family's life in the limelight slam onto the screen. Although we’re told that after Britney decided to launch her career comeback mama Spears stopped doing press for the publication to avoid any potential problems that may cause the songstress a setback. In fact we’re told by a source close to the Spears family that she has pretty much avoided contact with the book’s Christian publishers, Thomas Nelson, altogether over recent months in order to lay low.

A rep for Spears was not immediately available for comment.

But Through the Storm: The Movie may very well be the best drama of the decade as the book just received quite the resurgence. Brit’s former manager Sam Lutfi filed a lawsuit against his ex-client, author Lynne and dad Jamie in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday.

Lutfi claimed that "Through the Storm" has subjected him to "unfathomable amounts of ridicule and public scorn" and that he’s even received death threats and is enduring "mental, physical and nervous pain suffering." In the book, Lynne alleges that Lutfi purposely kept Britney under his control, drugged her and did such things as hide her dog, throw away her cell phone chargers and even disabled her cars so she could not leave the house unattended.

But Sam isn’t only suing the pop princess and her parents for libel, defamation, battery and intentional affliction of emotional distress - he also wants compensation over breach of contract and quantum merit. After meeting Spears in an L.A. nightclub in 2007, Lutfi claims that they had an oral agreement that he would manage her career for four years and take 15 percent of her earnings (which he estimates to have been $800,000 monthly during 2007). He credits himself for turning Britney’s career around and insists that while she "used and enjoyed" the personal and management services he provided he is yet to receive payment.

Last Friday Jamie Spears successfully obtained yet another restraining order against Lutfi and claimed he was harassing the Spears family.

Paris Hilton Finds A New Reality Boytoy? Kevin Costner Can Sing?

It seems Paris Hilton has found a new BFF beau in The Hills star Doug Reinhardt. We’re told the two remained uber-close on Sunday night at Tampa’s Hardrock Hotel & Casino following the big game and Reinhardt (who recently split with Amanda Bynes and has very obviously been on the prowl) was later spotted in a lip-lock with the hotel hottie.

PHOTOS: Click here to see Paris and Doug's rendezvous.

Two nights earlier at the Maxim Super Bowl bash, Reinhardt was overheard bragging about how the heiress was coming to Tampa partly too see him (sorry Doug, she actually had several well-paid gigs booked) while Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado gave him the high-five. Mind you, we’re told Paris’s former flame Benji Madden was seated in the table right beside them and according to an eyewitness, looked a little uncomfortable …

Speaking of Super Bowl bashes, Kevin Costner did more than just co-host the American Airlines & Texas Energy Holdings 3rd Annual Super Bowl Spectacular on Saturday night, the actor entertained for over an hour by performing with his band "Modern West" for the ecstatic crowd.

"Kevin has a surprisingly amazing voice," an insider told Tarts. "Everyone went crazy and wanted more."

After his musical moment Costner shared a glass enclosed case of Gurkha cigars with the WWE security detail that had a hard task keeping the crowd under control after his performance.

Brooke Shields Eats The Bryant Park Hotel, Annalynne Mcchord To Launch Kissing Booth

With Valentine’s Day less than a couple of weeks away, it seems love is in the air in the strangest of ways. Last week Brooke Shields launched the remarkably rich Godiva Decadence Suite in New York’s swanky Bryant Park Hotel. The entire suite (designed by Jonathon Adler) is molded with mouth-watering elements including chocolate walls, chocolate furniture, even chocolate chess boards and this Valentine’s Day one chocolate-craving couple will be flown to the Big Apple to stay in the ultimate indulgence.

And for those who so happen to be sauntering the streets of Santa Monica this Saturday afternoon may want to consider stopping by the Promenade’s Armani Xchange store to "Kiss For a Cause" with 90210 starlet AnnaLynne McChord and Lipstick Jungle’s Robert Buckley. The small screen stars will be raising money for The National AIDS Fund by hosting a kissing booth full of super sweet treats …

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