This Could Be it for Al Gore

Speaking at a conference in Saudi Arabia, former Vice President Al Gore said, "Arabs in the United States have been indiscriminately rounded up, often on minor charges of overstaying a visa or not having a green card in proper order, and held in conditions that were just unforgivable."

Wow. Quite a statement.

So we called Mr. Gore's office to ask exactly where the unforgivable conditions are located and also to provide some names of Arabs who have been abused inside the USA.

Well, Gore's office told us to stuff it. No backup would be provided for his anti-American comments.

Talking Points wants to make this perfectly clear: If innocent Arabs are being abused on U.S. soil, we want to know about it. There were a few cases after 9/11 where Arabs were taken into custody by mistake, but just a few, as far as we can tell.

In fact, far-left bomb thrower Michael Moore made a big deal out of the Bush administration flying Saudis out of the USA after 9/11, giving them preferential treatment. Remember that?

So what is Al Gore talking about? And more importantly, why is he saying this stuff in the Middle East?

Surely, Gore knows that his words will be used to fuel more Arab anger towards America. He has to know that. We believe Gore was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to give that speech, and you would think he'd be more responsible.

I mean, come on. The USA is fighting terrorists all over the world, and Gore is implying that we use terrorist methods against innocent Arabs on the home front?

Even if you could back up those explosive comments, which Gore seemingly can't, you don't make them in a time of war. That would be like an American politician traveling to Japan during World War II and saying FDR was interning Japanese-Americans, which he was.

Now the left-wing press is trying to cover for Gore. The story was buried or ignored by many papers today. And I think Al Gore's comments are all so irresponsible and harmful to the country, he makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington.

We simply can not have a former vice president lobbing unproven accusations and possibly inciting more anti-American feeling around the world. Al Gore was way out of line.

Talking Points understands the man is bitter; losing the presidency in Florida could not have been easy. But Al Gore has now marginalized himself and shamed himself. Gore owes all Americans an apology.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

While attempting to shoot quail over the weekend — not Dan, the bird — Vice President Cheney shot a lawyer. Fill in lawyer joke now. Fill in Cheney joke now.

Apparently, the veep didn't see Harry Whittington, a fellow quail shooter. Whittington is OK, but he had to be helicoptered to the hospital, where they dug bird shot out of him.

Ridiculous? I bet the quail don't think so.

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